Covid-19 FAQ

Q: How can we apply?
We've made the application process as smooth as possible. Register your museum today for free onboarding.

Q: I am a small museum, am I still eligible?
Any museum across the UK and Ireland is eligible for the Aura Covid-19 Relief Package.

Q: We are a body governing/overseeing multiple museums/sites, how can we be supported?
Aura is capable of onboarding multiple museums at one time, and can offer brilliant solutions for museum groups, register today.

Q: Our museum works a little differently to the traditional museum, how will you cater for us?
We know that every museum is different in its own way, some more than others! So we'll do our best to cater for your exact needs. Contact us here to discuss how we can support you.

Q: Who owns the content that Aura produces?
The museum would own and have the rights to the content. We request exclusivity on specific content whilst using our services.

Q: Is there a contract? And how long is it?
Our contract is for 3 years with an annual review. We want to be as flexible as possible for all museums.

Q: What's in it for Aura?
We are looking to bring museums into the modern world by creating an all-in-one solution to help visitors explore a museum in the same way they would anything else; through the use of technology! Our plan is to scale globally, so for museums who join right now, all we ask in return is a revenue share for the innovative technology and platform we provide.

Q: Will I need to apply for funding?
Although Aura's solutions are eligible for many grants from different bodies, the Covid-19 Relief Package requires no funding as we don't request for any payment other than revenue share once visitors choose to pay for the museum's content. Our sophisticated yet easy to use solution will allow visitors to discover a whole new world at their fingertips.

Q: Who is Aura?
Aura have been working in the culture space for decades and found a key problem within museums. We set out to create an end-to-end solution to help communicate with your visitors in a new way and generate revenue for your museum. We are members of MA, AIM and VEForum as well as working in Partnership with Microsoft's Libraries and Museums.

If you have any other questions, you can reach us here.

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