British Museum: The Egyptians

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The British Museum. The first national public museum in the world. And a place where human history, art and culture shake hands. Today, we will explore the Egyptian collection at the British Museum. We will cover this exciting journey by examining a few of the highlights in the next galleries, and discussing their historical and artistic significance.

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The British Museum
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  • Egyptian Painted Pottery Cattle Level 3, Room 64
  • Gebelein Man Level 3, Room 64
  • Plaster cast of the 'Narmer Palette' Currently not on display
  • Mummy-case of Hor The British Museum
  • Mummy of an adult cat Level 3, Room 62
  • Nebamun, Fowling and Fishing Level 3, Room 61
  • Lions of Amenhotep III Ground Floor, Room 4
  • False-Door of Ptahshepses' Tomb Ground Floor, Room 4
  • Rosetta Stone Ground Floor, Room 4
  • Colossal bust of Ramesses II Ground Floor, Room 4
  • Diorite Scarab Beetle Ground Floor, Room 4

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