Only Two Days in London: What to Do (for the first timer)

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When you just have two days to plan your London trip, it can be a delicate balancing act finding the right attractions, strategically planning the best route, and still making sure you have enough energy to look perky while live-streaming your adventures. So, take our advice instead and venture down a path of rich history, stunning architecture, warm, inviting parks laden with wildlife, and the kind of culture you can’t experience from just reading about it.

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This route starts from "Buckingham Palace". You will walk for about 1 hour(s) and finish your journey at "Camden Market".
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  • Introduction Buckingham Palace
  • Day 1 - Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace
  • Birdcage Walk Victoria and Albert Museum
  • St. James’ Park St James's Park
  • Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey
  • The Palace of Westminster and Houses of Parliament Houses of Parliament
  • The London Eye Coca-Cola London Eye
  • Day Two - The British Museum The British Museum
  • Camden Market Camden Market
  • Camden Town and Regent’s Canal Camden Market

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